Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging    Joseph Campbell 

"Kylie has a totally refreshing approach to spiritual teaching and gives relevant, practical tips and advice for applying the teachings to your daily routine."

Alison Storey Smith, Bedfordshire

"Kylie Holmes is a straight-talking, down to earth facilitator for all things spiritual. Her classes and workshops are very informative and thoroughly enjoyable."
Julia Sinclair, West Yorkshire.

"Kylie offers excellent support and guidance for anyone interested in further developing their spiritual awareness and authentic soul path journey. Her practical exercises cover a myriad of topics and are easily incorporated into daily life."
Clare Hughes, Cambridge.

I have known Kylie for more than five years. She is a good natured, easy going, natural intuitive woman, experienced in the ways of Tarot, Mediation, Clairvoyance, Reiki, Angel work plus other various spiritual work. Over the years, she has taught me Tarot, Mediation and Angel work. Not only have I grown with my connection to the Spiritual World but Kylie herself has grown too. As a tutor she has improved her technique over the years so that no matter who her students are, and no matter how far along they are in their spiritual quest, she has the ability to understand their needs and where along the path they need to be. But Kylie won't rush her students to their spiritual destination. She teaches them to fully understand each precious step. Sometimes, those steps to the spiritual goal can be emotional but they are rewarding in the end. Kylie's main aim in her spiritual quest is to open people's hearts and minds.”
P Webb, Cambridgeshire

“Kylie shares her knowledge with a passion which clearly shows that she believes in and lives her life along that which she teaches - TRULY INSPIRATIONAL.”
A P Norris, Humberside

“Kylie covers a wide range of deep and thought provoking subjects but manages to engage her pupils and make the subjects come alive so that we have clear understanding”
Gerry Smith, Newry, Northern Ireland.

“In the courses I have attended, Kylie does not just teach you, but encourages you to find your own potential and put to use the skills you learn into your every day life.”
Fay, Inverness, Scotland.

“All the readings I have had from Kylie have been honest, accurate and insightful. She was able to tell me things that gave me strength and courage to go forward and face the future. She was also able to tell me things to help heal the past and this was of great benefit. Looking back at the readings, she could tell me things only I knew. In all the readings Kylie was empathetic, and worked in a way that made me feel comfortable, and safe. Things Kylie told me have come true and she truly has a very special gift. I highly recommend Kylie and I am proud to say that I have been able to have the chance to experience her gift first hand. Highly Recommended.”
Jonathan Smith, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.

“Kylie is a natural and down-to-earth intuitive who tells it like it is with no frills. Kylie has an amazing understanding and great depth of feeling. A Reiki Master who teaches the traditional Usui methodology - no quick level 1 and 2 in a weekend! - Kylie is a caring and understanding new age psychic that detests the mumbo jumbo practised by some physics.”
Robert Allen, Manchester.

“Kylie helped me through a difficult period in my life when I was uncertain of the direction to take. She is frank and honest in her readings and amazingly accurate. A Reiki Master who is determined to uphold the finest traditions of Usui Reiki teaching methods. Receiving Reiki from Kylie is a fantastic experience - I could feel the heat and energy flowing from her hands.”
Jayne Ward, Cardiff, Wales.

“Kylie is an amazing new age intuitive who is uncannily accurate and tells it like it is without hesitation. She cares deeply about her gift and willingly shares her experiences. She is an excellent meditation and psychic development teacher who teaches by experience and is guide led ensuring that ‘what is best for her students’ is uppermost in her thoughts and teachings.”
Gordon Thorpe, Eaton Ford, Cambridgeshire.

“Kylie teaches Usui Reiki in the traditional manner, which involves periods of study, and self-healing with documentary evidence required of healing experience for level 2. There is no quick or easy way to attain her certificates, which is just as it should be. Those who gain certification too easily do not appreciate the precepts of Reiki.”
Annabelle Lester, Madrid, Spain.

"Prior to learning about Angels and Spirits from Kylie, I felt that something was missing from my life and that I had a lot of unanswered questions. Like why does everything bad happen to me and what have I done wrong. This may sound silly to some people, however, after meeting my Guardian Angel on the course run by Kylie I started to think and feel differently and then Kylie kindly read my soul. This was a smart investment and for a few weeks I felt like I had an inner peace, which gave me the free time, and concentration I needed to get my life back on track.
With the help of Kylie and her nature ability to comfort, provide inner peace and subconsciously build my confidence I now feel that I am a very lucky person who has lots to look forward to every day and who has the support of the Angels and Spirits who are there with me.
I would like to add a big thank you to Kylie for helping me to get my life back on track and for teaching me to understand how the Angels and Spirits can be my friends."

Jane Izzett, Cambridge.

"My Family and I have had the pleasure of meeting Kylie. The first time I met her I went home and told all of my Family that I have met the most extraordinary Lady, who clearly has an exceptional talent and is willing to help anyone."
Jackie O, Brampton , Cambridgeshire

"For my 18th birthday i got a special present from my Mum & Dad.
I got to meet a very lovely gifted woman called Kylie, who made made my birthday an exceptional one.
I had a one to one with her all day and she made me feel a lot more positive about myself.
I learnt so much & i think that she has an amazing gift."

Clair, UK

"I have had 3 readings by Kylie and one Reiki session. I stumbled across her on the internet one night as I was having a few personal issues. I rang her that night and she arranged a reading for me which was held at my house a week later. She is very flexible and do her best to fit you in regardless of how busy you are. She will also invite you into her home or come to you, either way it's like talking to an old friend.
Kylie is someone who makes you feel completely at ease, she is really easy to get a long with and her honesty makes her completely trustworthy. She has a gift and all three readings I have had been spot on, she is always there afterwards if you have any follow up questions, or if you are unsure of something.
Kylie is an outstanding lady, who is so gifted but it hasn't gone to her head. She is completely grounded and focused on what she does. I will continue to have readings from her and she is teaching me Reiki as the session I had with her left me feeling fantastic, I can't think of anyone better to guide me through it."

Mel Bevan, UK