Imagination is nore important than knowledge.    Albert Einstein 

Does your child have an imaginary friend?

Did you have one as a child?

The imagination can be a child’s best friend or worst enemy. From imaginary playmates to scary night-time monsters, the world of make belief is a very important and real part of growing up. Pretend play also develops self-confidence and self-control, as well as increasing the ability to consider other people’s feelings. This kind of play also helps children work out fears about difficult situations.

How many of us, as parents, are guilty of telling our children that their imaginary friend is not real? The friend may not only be real but could possibly be a ghost, guide or even a deceased grandparent?

Do you ever wonder if any of those bad dreams, those images seen in the night, those imaginary friends, may be ghosts that, for whatever reason, have shown themselves to a child?

Kylie’s research over 20 years indicates that some children’s imaginary friends are actually their grandmother or grandfather who passed away before they were born.

Sammy - drawn by JadeJade's Spirit Guide

Kylie’s daughter, Jade, has always defiantly asserted that ‘Sammy’ is her brother. Could this be the child Kylie lost in a miscarriage years ago?

From any early age, children can have spiritual experiences and encounters. If this sounds familiar, then Kylie would like to listen to your story as she is collecting more stories for her second book on Intuitive Children.

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