A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.    Laozi 


Angel Coaching

Phone, Skype, Email or In-Person ~ Walk and Talk Angel Coaching Sessions must be paid for in advance.

24 hour cancellation notice is required by PHONE or you will be charged in FULL.
£40 per hour

Feeling stuck?
Not sure what direction to take?
Want to believe in yourself a lot more?
Want to be taken seriously in life?
Want to be back in control of your life?
Want to enjoy your work life balance?
Want to learn more about your own spiritual awareness?
Do you wish to connect with the Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, but don't know how? 

Then Angel Coaching can assist you to:

  • Regain your focus
  • Have more direction
  • Feel more confident
  • Create balance in your life
  • Create the life that you want
  • Become more abundant
  • Find your life purpose
  • Allow your spiritual growth to shine
  • Clarify goals and outline the steps to reach them
  • Learn how to connect with Angels and Archangels on a daily basis
  • Learn how to develop a working relationship with the Angels and Archangels on a daily basis

Angel Coaching is a powerful conversation and support system that empowers you to find unexpected reserves of energy and shake off tension and stress. The Angels can help you nurture your creativity and spiritually and clarify your life choices and direction. Angel Coaching can help to answer your questions, and to enlighten you about why you're here and where you are going and is conducted during one to one sessions.

Walking is a great way to integrate Mindfulness. These sessions help you explore what matters to you whilst getting out into nature. Each session is just you and me and if you yearn to get away and clear your head, being outside can bring about a new perspective.

Walk and Talk Angel Coaching offers great input and helps you explore your possibilities, bring resolution to worries and anxieties and focus on making your dreams a reality. Kylie’s clients have reported that it helps them get a different kind of clarity and focus. Walk and Talk Coaching sessions take place in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. If you require further afield please connect with Kylie for more details.

Kylie has trained with Ruth White, author of Working with Spirit Guides. In her work as an, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, certified by Flavia Kate Peters, Kylie teaches out of her own experience of Angel contact to assist others in learning about Angelic connections.