A room without books is like a body without a soul.    Marcus Tullius Cicero 


Intuitive Children

Who on earth is that imaginary friend your child talks about? And talks to? A figment of a creative and fertile imagination? But what if this friend is something we don't yet have a word for - a ghost? A Spirit Guide? An ancestor wanting to reach out to this sensitive and receptive child? Recent research indicates that there is a strong possibility that imaginary friends could be a relative who passed away before the child was born. Some people dismiss the spirit world as jiggery-pokery. Others wait in the firm belief that loved ones who have passed over will be in contact. Mediums, sensitive’s and their clients have evidence that the door to spirit contact can sometimes remain open into adulthood.

Pagan Portals - Runes

Runes are an ancient Scandinavian writing system. They have been used for hundreds of years as part of magical rituals, spells and foretelling the future and are steeped in mystery and secrecy. This book contains meanings of the twenty-four Runes, providing a simple and easy to follow guide for any aspiring Rune caster. Discover how to use this ancient form of divination as a tool for your own personal and spiritual growth. Learn how to make your own Rune set, cast and lay them out. This beginner’s guide also encourages you to start a Rune Journal where you can record your ideas, interpretations and castings. Let your intuition guide you as you learn to connect with the energy of the Runes.

The Angel Journey Workbook

Want to connect with Angels but don’t know how? This workbook can show you how. We can invoke Angels to assist us on a daily basis but some may feel we are wasting the Angels time. From previous experience, if you let go of pre-conceptions, be open minded and allow yourself to receive the Angels, you will find a powerful start to your day. 

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Forthcoming titles:

The Fairy Journey Workbook

The Tarot Journey Workbook