We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.    Kahlil Gibran 

Kylie HolmesTouched by an Angel is run by Kylie Holmes, mother of four 'Old Souls', published Author, Writer, Empath, an Intuitive Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Spiritual Counsellor and photographer. Kylie has refined her skills over many years, through meditation, self-development techniques and mind, body, spirit and soul-related courses.  She has helped many people of all ages and walks of life, and is particularly well known for her work with children, and their intuitive abilities.

Kylie offers inspiring spiritual workshops, designed to build your connection with the Angelic realm and spirit guides and to ignite your soul’s potential.

Within these workshops, you are able to discover practical techniques and tools which can help YOU facilitate and create the life you want. Learn to live a mindful life with spiritual development.

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During her private, one-to-one consultations, Kylie can help you with any past or present issues relating to your career, inner relationships, health and overall life path. Her sympathetic and direct approach will help you feel more confident, relaxed and safe throughout the consultation and afterwards. Kylie will help you find clarity and direction. Her compassion and accuracy will help you leave the consultation feeling deeply empowered and ready to face life with renewed strength, enthusiasm and optimism. All sessions are completely confidential.

Running Bear

Kylie works with her discarnate guides Running Bear and Camarius to channel divine insights about your soul's evolution and current path. Every consultation differs depending on your needs and stage of spiritual development.

A discarnate guide is highly evolved who seeks to assist us on our path of spiritual enlightenment and unfoldment. They once lived on this earth plane as humans and reincarnated many times before. At some point, they enlightened themselves and do not need to reincarnate as humans any more. You and your personal Spiritual Guide(s) are different souls, but you have many things in common including potential, talent and personalities.

By working with your Soul Energy, Guides, Angels and Ancestors you will identify your core beliefs and, ultimately, find your highest potential by letting go of limitations.

Kylie finds working with Spirit a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. Kylie receives much satisfaction by helping clients connect with the Angelic realm. Kylie also enjoys helping people on their search for personal growth and spiritual development.

Kylie is available for individual readings, party bookings, spiritualist church services and angelic demonstrations. For more details, please contact Kylie.